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Library of Documents


General Catalog is a Brief Product Overview


Cut Sheet is a Short Flyer about One Product


Product Catalog Contains Full Product Information


Parts Catalog Contains Full Parts Information





General Product Catalogs and Line Card:


Marine Deck Products General Catalog


Engineering Products General Catalog


Construction Products General Catalog


Pacific Marine & Industrial Line Card


Airport Securing and Grounding Product Documents:


Airport Aircraft Securing and Grounding Product General Catalog


P3490 Aircraft Securing Point Cut Sheet


P3490A Aircraft Securing Point Cut Sheet


P3490B Aircraft Securing Point Cut Sheet



Shipboard Cargo and Container Securing Product Documents:


Cargo and Container Securing General Catalog


ISO Container Lashing and Securing Product Catalog


Vehicle RO RO Ship Cargo Securing Product General Catalog


Aluminum Hull Vessel Cargo Securing Product General Catalog


Railroad Container Stack Train IBC Twistlock Cut Sheet


ISO Container Handling Product Catalog


Additional Cargo and Container Securing Documents


ISO Ocean Container Parts Product Documents:


ISO Container Corner Castings Cut Sheet


ISO Dry Container Replacement Parts Catalog


ISO Reefer Container Replacement Parts Catalog



Marine Air Bag Product Documents:


Marine Air Bag Product Catalog


Marine Fender Product Documents:


Marine Fender General Catalog


Extruded Marine Fender Product Catalog

Extruded Rubber Fender Profiles
Extruded Marine Fender Tolerance Table
EPDM Specifications

Pneumatic and Hydro Pneumatic Marine Fender Product Catalog


Hydro Pneumatic Submarine Fender Advantages Cut Sheet


Arch Fender Product Catalog


Panel Fender Product Catalog


Foam Filled Fender Product Catalog


Additional Marine Fender Documents



Marine Furniture and Seat Product Documents:


Marine Furniture General Catalog


Ferry Passenger Seats Product Catalog


Captain Chairs and Operator Seats Product Overview


Portable Pilot Seat Cut Sheet


Wall Mount Chair Cut Sheet


Troop Seat Cut Sheet


Additional Marine Furniture and Seat Documents


Ship and Barge Hatch Cover Product Documents:


Ship and Barge Hatch Cover Parts General Catalog


Manhole and Tank Access Covers Product Catalog


Navigational Aids Documents:


Navigational Aids General Catalog



Navy and USCG Certified Product Documents:


US Navy and US Coast Guard Certified General Catalog


P-SB Washdown Nozzle Cut Sheet


Synthetic Decking and Batterboard Cut Sheet


Ship Scuppers - BIW Drawing 8100-5220-0003 Cut Sheet


Winch, Hoist, Capstan, Crane and Quick Release Hook Product Documents


Winch, Hoist, Capstan, Crane and QRH General Catalog


Additional Winch, Hoist, Capstan, Crane and QRH Documents



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