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How PM&I Can Help Prevent Delays

Credit Policy and Terms

1.  Pacific Marine and Industrial offers to set up on account those customers who purchase from Pacific Marine and Industrial on a regular basis.
2.  Companies that desire credit terms with PM&I can request a credit application and credit check at any time after their first order.  Credit terms will not be considered for customers that are placing their first order.
3.  Should a company be qualified for credit terms and be approved by the PM&I accounting department, credit terms offered will be net 30 days from date of shipment which will also be the invoice date.
4.  Public Traded Companies that are listed on major stock exchanges and Government organizations such as US and other listed country Federal, State, Province, County, City and other local Government organizations have been pre approved with the credit terms of Net 30 days from invoice date.  If the customer prefers a credit card can be used for payment of invoices, see credit card policy in item 7 below.
5.  Customers that are not set up with PM&I on credit terms can make payment in the following manner:
 - credit card (see credit card policy in part 7 below)
 - check
 - wire transfer
 - letter of credit (see letter of credit policy in part 6 below)
6.  Pacific Marine and Industrial will accept payment by letter of credit at the request of the purchaser for orders of value $10,000 USD (or equivalent in other currency) and greater.  All bank charges associated with the order will be at the expense of the applicant.  See our Letter of Credit Policy.
7.  Credit card policy:
 - Credit cards accepted are MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, Discover and JCB

 - Credit cards will be accepted on all orders if desired by the customer
 - Credit card fees:

          - Orders under $5,000.00 USD (or equivalent value in other currency) no fee
          - Orders over $5,000.00 USD (or equivalent value in other currency) will have the fee charged by the card companies added to the order
          - Personal card +1.99%
          - Business card +2.99%
          - International card +3.99%

 - On orders over $5,000.00 USD, the customer must sign and return the credit card authorization sheet.  If the order is not returnable, the authorization sheet will specify that the card charge is not refundable. 

 - Customer must provide all necessary credit card information associated with charging the card:
     - name on card
     - card number
     - expiry date
     - card bill to address and postal code
     - security code on back (last 3 digits in name block)
8.  If a company has not placed an order with Pacific Marine & Industrial within 2 years, they must resubmit their credit application and references to reestablish credit with Pacific Marine & Industrial.
9.  All orders over $20,000.00 USD or equivalent value in other currency are subject to additional credit approval by the General Manager of Pacific Marine & Industrial.

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