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Pacific Marine & Industrial

Division of Quality Pacific Manufacturing, Inc.

Quotes Requests and All Other Communications:
Mail Correspondence:
P.O. Box 70520
Richmond, CA, USA 94807
California, USA Florida, USA Shanghai, China Ense, Germany
Engineering, Sales, Warehouse & Warehouse & Warehouse & Warehouse &
Distribution Center    Distribution Center Distribution Center Distribution Center
555 South 12th Street 1560 Jessie Street No.2061 Gangcheng Road Auf den Trohnen 6
Richmond, California Jacksonville, Florida Wai Gao Qiao Hamburg, D-59469
94804 32206 Shanghai, Ense-Hoingen
  United States United States China Germany
P: 510-233-2310 Warehouse Only Warehouse Only Warehouse Only
P: 800-269-8750 No Customer Service No Customer Service No Customer Service
F: 510-233-2322      

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California ◊ Florida ◊ Shanghai ◊ Germany
Lagos Nigeria ◊ Valparaiso Chile ◊ Dubai UAE
Trusted Since 1985
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