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Split Roller Pump Line Shaft Bearing

Propeller Line Shaft Bearings

Split Roller Pump Line Shaft Bearing

Important Dimensions Required for Quotes:
Shaft Diameter
Distance from Bottom of Pillow Block to Center of Shaft (Existing Applications Only)

Pillow block split roller bearings are the most common way to support the propeller shaft between the gearbox and the stern tube bearing.  The number of bearings is determined by the length of the shaft. 

Pillow block bearings can be "expansion" type or "fixed" type.  Each shaft should have 1 fixed point on it and the rest should be expansion for small amounts of thermal expansion in the shaft. On a propeller shaft the fixed bearing point is the thrust bearing.  This means that all the pillow block bearings should be expansion type and allow for expansion and contraction of the shaft during temperature changes.

These type bearings are packed with grease.  They are self aligning.  The bearing is fully split so parts or the complete bearing can be replaced without removal of the shaft. 
Part Numbers and Drawings:

Split Roller Propeller Bearings Up to 6 Inch


Split Roller Propeller Bearings 6 to 14 Inch

Split Roller Propeller Bearing 15 to 24 Inch

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