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Ship Mooring Winches

Combination Mooring Winch and Anchor Windlass

ship mooring winches

Ship Mooring Winches


Show above (left to right):

Warping Drum 1, Warping Drum 2, Gypsy (Chain Wheel), Warping Head


Combination Anchor and Mooring Line Winches (any configuration)


 Information Required for Quotations:


1. Electric or Hydraulic Power?


1A.  If Hydraulic: Is the Hydraulic Power Pack Required?


1B. If Electric: What are the volts, hz and phase of the power?


2.  Pull Capacity (Lbs, KG, Tons, Metric Tons)?


4. Warping Drum: Line, Type, Diameter and Length?


3.  If Chain Windlass: Chain Size and Grade (U2, U3, etc)?

5.  If Warping Head: Line Type and Size?


6.  What is configuration of equipment?


7.  Skid Mounted or Deck Mounted?


8.  Classification Society: ABS, GL/DNV, BV, LR, CCS, Etc?

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