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Oil Lubricated Marine Bearings

Babbitt Marine Propeller Shaft Bearings

babbitt propeller shaft bearing
From 2" to 39" Shafts
Drawing and Sizes / Part Numbers
Standard Product Options:
Grey cast iron and lead / tin based Babbitt
Nodular cast iron and lead / tin based Babbitt
Steel and lead / tin base Babbitt
White Metals:
Lead base PbSb10Sn6
Tin base SnSb12Cu6Pb
Cast Irons:
Grey GG-25-DIN 1691
Nodular GGG-40 - DIN 1693
ST52 - DIN 17 100
Babbitt type oil lubricated propeller shaft bearings are used when a closed oil system lubricates the stern tube bearings and the propeller shaft seal.  No sea water is needed to enter the hull of the ship.  In an oil lubricated system there will be both an inboard and outboard propeller seal, one on each end of the stern tube, keeping the oil contained. 

The advantages of this system are only that sea water is not needed for cooling of the seal and bearings.  This is ideal in some cases for vessel that operate in silty water on a constant basis.  The disadvantages are high cost both initial and during retrofit and if biodegradable oils are not used, the chance of leaking of oil.
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