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Romor I, Class III Stave Bearings

Romor Propeller Bearing
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Proven Performance Record

ROMOR stave bearings have been used in US Navy and industrial applications for over 20 years with exceptional results. ROMOR I continuously meets or exceeds the stringent operational expectations
of both military and civilian customers. The landed rubber bearing design has been in service for approximately 80 years. While there have been significant improvements to materials and design, the basic principle lives on.  Unique Elastomeric Properties The elastic characteristic unique to
rubber enables the bearing surface to deform and create a natural pocket encouraging the generation
of a hydrodynamic lubricating water film. Since the rubber is elastic, it creates a seal on both the
leading and trailing edges, as well as, the ends of the bearing land areas. It is this action that provides the superior hydrodynamic grit rejection performance that we see in landed rubber bearings.
ROMOR I is used in particle contaminated water with excellent results. These attributes are only a few of the reasons why rubber provides superior performance versus hard surfaced, non-elastic bearings. ROMOR I stave bearings routinely last for 8-9 years in rugged US Navy applications.

Excellent Friction Performance

The extremely smooth surface finish on ROMOR I stave bearings, 15-20 micro inches, exhibits excellent friction performance at both very low shaft revolutions and extremely high shaft revolutions. This smooth surface also accelerates the break-in or run-in period that all bearings must go through in order to operate at the highest efficiency.

Manufactured to US Navy Specifications or Custom Sizes

ROMOR I bearings are manufactured to US Department of the Navy, Naval Ship Systems Command
specification drawing 803-1385664. This specification identifies 10 standard stave widths that are machined with 10º side angles.  Individual stave thickness is generally finished in standard 1/16 and 1/8 inch oversized increments to accommodate shaft or journal wear. However, if your application requires a non-standard thickness and /or side angles, our flexibility allows us to meet your needs. This makes retrofitting applications, such as lignum vitae bearing systems, possible.

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