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Composite Marine Propeller

and Rudder Shaft Bearings

composite marine propeller and rudder bearing Composie Marine Propeller or Rudder Bearing
Any Size Shaft and Outer Diameter
Raw Tube or Machine Finished Bearing
Sheets of Material for Flat Bearings and Wear Pads
With or Without Water Lubrication Grooves
Can be Water or Grease Lubricated
Short Production Lead Time (As Short as 24 Hours)
Dimensionally Stable (Will Not Swell in Seawater)
Composite Bearing Product and Users Manual
   How to Choose A Propeller or Rudder Shaft Bearing and the Differences Between Bearing Types
Composite Bearings Product Images
Composite Propeller and Rudder Bearing Machining and Fitting Instruction
Marine Composite Bearings Composite Hydro Bearings Composite Industrial Bearings
Data Sheet Marine Composite Bearings Data Sheet Hydro Composite Bearings Data Sheet Industrial Composite Bearings

Composite bearings, both cylindrical and flat, are manufactured from synthetic polyester resins combined with fabric that ads strength and durability to the finished product.   Combined with the resin is a lubricant that can be changed depending on the application.  For marine and hydro bearings PTFE and molybdenum disulfide are commonly used.  For industrial bearings graphite is commonly used.  Changes can be made depending on the project requirements.


The material displays exceptional dimensional stability when immersed in water, acids and chemical solutions. 

These bearings have excellent low friction qualities in wet conditions and provide very low conductivity and will not promote corrosion in unprotected steel housings and shafts.

The manufacturing process for cylindrical bearings is by wrapping the materials on a mandrel to make the rough bearing followed by a machining process to finish the bearing.  This means that bearings can be made of any inside diameter or outside diameter as needed.  Sheet of material are also available.


Actual production for a bearing is about 1 day plus machining time so quick delivery is possible if there are time constraints.

If there is an emergency, barring other projects, a 2 or 3 days delivery is not out of the question.


Common tried and tested uses for these bearings are:



Propeller Shaft (Stern Tube and Strut) Bushings and Staves

Rudder Shaft Bushings

Shackle Bushings (Rope Termination Bushings)

Stabilizer Bearings

Deck Machinery Bearings

Steering Gear Bearings

Stern Roller Bearings

Crane Mast Bearings

Tugs and Workboats



Turbine Main Guide Bearings

Wicket Gate Bearings

Linkage Bearings and Thrust Washers

Servo Motor Bearings

Valve Bearings

Spill Gate Trunnion Bearings

Fish Screen Bearings

Crane/Hoist Bearings

Eccentric Pin Bushings

Control Gate Bushings and Wear Pads



Amusement Park Rides / Water Rides

Fork Lifts and Scissor Lifts

Injection Molding

Assembly Lines

Off Road and Farm Equipment

Railway Applications

Steel Mills

Heavy Lifting Equipment

Process Machinery

Hydraulic Cylinder Wear Rings and Rod Ends


Medical Equipment

Water Treatment Plants

Oil Reclamation

Composite Bearing Machining Instruction           Composite Bearing Fitting Instruction
Composite Marine Propeller Bearing and Rudder Bushing

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