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Oil Water Separators

Oily Water Separators - Oily Bilge Water Separators

Marine - Air Compressor - Car Wash - Bilge - Storm Water

oil water separators

marine oil water separators

Small Oil Water Separators

Above Ground Oil Water Separator

Marine Oil Water Separator

Small Oil Water Separators

For Above Ground On Shore Use

For Marine or Above Ground On Shore Use

For Marine and Industrial Application

Above Grade

From 2 GPM to 45 GPM and Larger

Simple Filtration - Cartridge Type

Mobile Trailer or On Casters

Can meet new IMO 107(49) and USCG Regs.

3/4 NPT Inlet / Outlet

1/2 GPM and Larger



oil water separators

oil in water monitor

In Ground Oil Water Separator 

 Oil In Water Monitors

Slant Rib Oil Water Separators

For Water Run Off Applications

For All Applications 

Up to 1200 GPM

24 to 250 GPM / 90 to 290 LPM

Marine and Industrial 

Above Ground

Water down drain.  Oil to be recycled. 


Pacific Marine and Industrial carries a complete line of oil water separators for marine and industrial use: ship, offshore platform, boat, yacht, tug, car wash, refinery, storm water run off, air compressors and more.

Our marine line of oil water separators come is sizes from 2 to 100 gallons per minute.  The marine units are certified by many classification societies to meet IMO regulations: ABS, DNV, GL, US Coast Guard.  For marine oil water separators (bilge oil water separators) the requirement is to remove both free oil and emulsified oil in the water prior to output into the ocean.  In addition, the output must have less than 15 parts per million oil in the water.  Our marine units typically operate at less than 10 parts per million oil in the output water.  Our marine oil water separators can be modified to have outputs in the 3 to 5 parts per million range by adding an additional organoclay post filter.  Our 2.2 gallon per minute oil water separator has a version for yacht use that comes painted in Awl Grip White as many Yacht engine rooms require.  It is also more compact in that it does not require access to the back of the unit once installed making is easier to install in tight engine room spaces.

Our below grade / below ground storm runoff oil water separator units have capacity up to 1400 gallons per minute and more.  Our above grade shore based oil water separator units have capacity from 1/2 to 50 gallons per minute.  These units can also be trailer mounted oil water separators and portable oil water separators by adding castors. 

We also have our micro oil water separator units that are perfect for low flow applications.  These units have oil water separator capacity of 0 to 6 gallons per minute flow rate.


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