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Industrial Metal Heavy Duty Hose Reels

Industrial Hose Reel

Series 1800 Industrial Hose Reel

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Series 1800 Industrial Hose Reel
Series 1800 Industrial Hose Reel
For 5/8 or 3/4 Inch ID Hose
Manual or Power Rewind
Up to 2000 psi and 250 F Temp


• Lightweight compact reels designed for long lengths of hose in manual and power rewind.

• Direct crank rewind is permanently attached.

• Chain and sprocket drive powered by electric, hydraulic, or compressed air motor.

• Manual reels include: cam-lock drag brake, spring actuated pin lock.

• Standard inlet 90° ball bearing swivel joint 1" female NPT threads.

• Standard outlet 3/4" female NPT threads.

• Optional Rollers: Specify roller position when ordering.

• Pressures to 2000 psi (138 bar).

• Temperatures from -40° F to +250° F (-40° C to +121° C).

• Consult PM&I for other pressures & temps.



• Air Compressors

• Washdown

Series 1800 Industrial Hose Reel Drawing
Series 1800 Industrial Hose Reel Chart
Series 1800 Industrial Hose Reel Notes

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