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Marine Salvage Airbags

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marine salvage airbags 


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Salvage air bags are the most commonly used tool for recovering submerged objects. These airbags are small in size while deflated and thus they can be easily transported and deployed. We can provide the product needed for the exact ton of force required based on the clients requirements.
Our salvage airbags have many applications and can be used in shipwreck salvaging, floating bridge and dock construction. They are also being used as a temporary marine transportation device.
Specification Range
Diameter From 0.8m to 2.4m
Effective Length  From 6.0m to 20.0m
Total Length From 7.0m to 21.5m
Standard Number of Layers Usually 4-10 layers
Loading Capacity  About 10-40 T/M
marine salvage airbags 
Working Pressures:
(D = Diameter in Meters.  Layers = Rubber Layers)
Type D=0.8m D=1.0m D=1.2m  D=1.5m D=1.8m D=2.0m
3 layers 0.13MPA 0.10MPA 0.09MPA 0.07MPA  0.06MPA 0.05MPA
4 layers 0.17MPA  0.13MPA 0.11MPA 0.09MPA 0.08MPA 0.07MPA
5 layers 0.21MPA 0.17MPA 0.14MPA 0.11MPA 0.09MPA 0.08MPA
6 layers 0.25MPA 0.20MPA 0.17MPA 0.13MPA 0.11MPA 0.10MPA
7 layers 0.29MPA 0.23MPA 0.20MPA 0.15MPA 0.13MPA 0.12MPA
8 layers 0.33MPA 0.26MPA  0.23MPA 0.17MPA 0.15MPA 0.14MPA
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