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Aircraft Tie Down - Helicopter Tie Down

Flush Mounted Shipboard and Platform Use
For Aluminum or Steel Deck

US Navy Certified - US Navy Specifications

PM&I: Type 18 / Type XVIII Aircraft Tie Down - USN  
Marine Aircraft Tie Down - Flush Installed on US Navy Flight Decks Marine Aircraft Tie Down - Flush
For Welding Into Aluminum Deck    For Welding Into Steel Deck
Type 18 (Replaces Type 17)   Type 14 (Replaces Type 1)
Type XVIII (Replaces Type XVII)   Type XIV (Replaces Type I)
Helicopter or Aircraft Tie Down
Primarily US and Other Navy Application
and also merchant ship, vessel and platform
Per NAVSEA Drawing 803-1916300
For use on:
Naval Ship, Yacht, Boat, Commercial Ship, Ocean Platform
With or Without Drain Holes
Tie-Down, Aircraft Securing Fitting
Shown on Left with Tri-metallic Weld Transition Ring and Drain Holes
For Aluminum (with tri-metallic ring) or Steel Deck (without) Installation
New style (type 14 and 18) are required for all US Navy Retrofits.
The new style is more robust compared to the old style and will have a longer service life.
Part Numbers:
Type I / Type 1 - Old Style - Steel Deck
Type XIV / Type 14 - New Style - Steel Deck
Type XVII / Type 17 - Old Style - Aluminum Deck
Type XVIII / Type 18 - New Style - Aluminum Deck
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