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Deck Fittings

Vessel or Platform Application

naval ship deck drain 
Aircraft Securing   Deck Sockets Deck Drain Valves 
Helicopter Tie Downs Stanchion Deck Sockets Naval Ship 
  Baxter Bolts  
Type SB and G Navy Nozzle
Washdown SB and G Countermeasure Nozzle  RAST Track / Trough Post   Weld Transition Ring
Naval Sprinkler Nozzles     
Shipboard AFFF and Washdown    

panama chock bulwark mounted

single bitts and double bitts

warping rollers


Single Bitts and Double Bitts

Warping Rollers

Open, Closed, Panama

With Warping Roller (Optional)

With or Without Pedestal


With or Without Keeper Arm



Ship Assist Winches - Ship Docking - Barge Handling - Escort Service

Roller Fairleads

Wire Rope Fairleads

Mooring and Anchor Winches

1, 3 and 4 Roller and More

Single, Double and Swivel

Gypsy, Warping Head, Warping Drum

Open or Closed Top




smit bracket - left or right

chain stoppers

towing shark jaws

Smit Bracket

Chain Stoppers

Shark Jaws

Left or Right


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