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Pipe Repair Kits:

Once Cured: For Pressure Up to 300 psi and 300 degree F

Pipe Repair Kit - Under Pressure Pipe

Pipe Repair Kit - Non Pressurized

Pipe Repair Kit: Damage Control Kits 

Under Pressure Pipe Repair Kits

Non Pressure Pipe Repair Kits

Marine Damage Control Pipe Repair Kits

Permanent In Place Repair

Permanent In Place Repair

Kits with an array of product

Active Pressure up to 60 psi

For secured or non pressurized pipes  

ready for shipboard repair locker use. 

Once cured: up to 300 psi constant

Once cured: up to 300 psi constant

Each Kit Contains:

Kits for up to 10" pipes and larger

Kits for up to 10" pipes and larger

Under pressure kits

For copper, steel, stainless, pvc, fpr 

For copper, steel, stainless, pvc, fpr  

Non pressure kits

clay, concrete, rubber pipes

clay, concrete, rubber pipes 

Repair plugs




Pipe Repair Plug

Pipe Repair Kit Glass Tape

 Pipe Repair Kit Epoxy

Pipe Repair Plugs

Glass Tape Pipe Repair Packages

Subsea Pipe Repair Epoxy

Damage Control Plugs

Fiberglass per-impregnated

Underwater Epoxy Mastic Sealant

To plug pipe or tank wall hole 

composite tape activated by water

Filling and Patching System

Water activated foam plug

For pipes with up to 300 psi pressure

for temporary repair  

and 300 degrees F 


Pipe Repair Kit Steel Putty

Steel Putty Pipe Repair Stick

Sold as part of UP and NP Kits 

And sold individually


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