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Fuel Oil Purifier - Lube Oil Purifier

Oil Purifiers: Fuel Oil, Lube Oil and Food Oil
Remove Solid Particles and Water
Self Cleaning and Manual Cleaning

How Does A Centrifuge Work?
MAB 103 Oil Purifier MAB 104 Oil Purifier MAB 304 Oil Purifier
MAB-103 Oil Purifier MAB-104 Oil Purifier MAB 304 Oil Purifier
Marine Diesel Oil: 238 g/h Maximum Rated Capacity: Marine Diesel Fuel: 555 g/h
Lubricating Oil: 67 - 120 g/h  1950 l/h or 430 g/h Lube Oil: 185 - 264 g/h 
Manual Cleaning Manual Cleaning Manual Cleaning
MAB 305 Oil Purifier MOPX 205 Oil Purifier MAB 206 Oil Purifier
MAB 305 Oil Purifier MOPX-205 Oil Purifier MAB-206 Oil Purifier
Marine Diesel Fuel: 1030 g/h Maximum Rated Capacity: Maximum Rated Capacity:
Lube Oil: 342 - 476 g/h   4,900 l/h 10,600 l/h
Manual Cleaning Self Cleaning Manual Cleaning
MOPX 207 Oil Purifier MMPX 403 Oil Purifier MMPX 404 Oil Purifier
MOPX-207 MMPX-403 Oil Purifier MMPX-404
Maximum Rated Capacity: Maximum Rated Capacity: Maximum Rated Capacity:
7,400 l/h 1700 l/h 2900 l/h
Automatic Cleaning Automatic Cleaning Automatic Cleaning 
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