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Boat Engine Mounts

Marine Engine Mounts

Marine and Industrial Application

Marine Engine Mount
Shear Loaded Super Mounts (1) Shear Loaded Super Mounts (2) Shear Loaded Super Mounts(3)
Part Numbers 010-014 and 020-023 Part Numbers 024-031 Part Numbers 013 and 035
Base of 5" x 2.44" Base of 6.5" x 2.44" Base of 3.3" x 5"
5/8" or 3/4" UNF Stud 5/8" or 3/4" UNF Stud 5/8" or 3/4" UNF Stud
Range: 80 to 680 lbs per mount Range: 80 to 680 lbs per mount Range: 340-761 lbs per mount
Small Shear Mounts Heavy Duty Circular Shear Mounts Double Acting Shear Loaded Super Mounts
Part Numbers 038-041 Part Numbers 015 to 017 and 055 to057 Part Numbers 032, 034, 042
Base of 5.06" x 2" Base of 6.88" x 4" Base of 7.125" x 3.125"
12mm or 5/8 UNF Stud 5/8 or 3/4 UNF Stud 5/8 or 3/4 UNF Stud
Range: 30 to 200 lbs per mount Range: 500 to 2001 lbs per mount Range: 100 to 671 lbs per mount
Small Compression Mounts Compression Mounts  
Part Number 033 and 036 Part Numbers 003-005  
Base of 5.13" x 2.81" Base of 5.13" x 3"  
5/8 UNF Stud 5/8" UNF Stud  
Range: 190 to 300 lbs per mount Range: 100 to 500 lbs per mount  

Selection of Proper Engine Mount

Please provide these details to Pacific Marine and Industrial
(if you are replacing mounts, skip below steps and provide dimensions of existing mounts and total weight of engine and gearbox)
     1.  Manufacturer and model of engine and number of cylinders
     2.  Type of gearbox and reduction ratio.
     3.  Weight of engine and gear box combined (from manufacturers literature)
     4.  Is the flywheel in the conventional place between the engine and gearbox?
     5.  Position of engine mounting points.
     6.  Find the center of gravity by balancing on a roller (if possible).  If not possible, assume 60% of 
               weight on rear mounts and 40% of weight on front mounts.

Installation of Engine Mount:

1. Maximum clearance between bottom nut and oil shield is 10 mm or .375 inches. (applies for all models of engine mount)
2. If more height is needed, use spacer under the mounting base.
3.  When engine is in place and at rest (but before mounts are tightened down), engine mount studs
must be centered in their holes (no preloading in any direction).
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