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Marine Damper Plates

Damper Plate Marine

Selecting the Correct Damper Drive Plate

Details Required for Sizing:
1.  Manufacturer of engine, engine horse power, engine speed, number of cylinders
2.  Manufacturer gear box, model number and spline details
3. Back plate diameter, number of holes, size of holes, pitch circle diameter of holes
3(a).  Does the plate fit the face of the flywheel or into a register?
4.  Will element of the drive plate fit on the outside of the flywheel or be reversed and fit inside the flywheel recess?
5.  Type of application (pleasure, work boat, etc.) Does vessel spend long amounts of time at low speeds?
If a failed part is being replaced:
6.  Model and part number of part being replaced
7.  What has failed? Spline or element / springs.
Calculating the Power of the Coupling Required:
(Engine HP / Engine Speed) x 5250 = Torque pound per foot
Pass above information to PM&I for Damper Drive Plate Selection.

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