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Diesel or Gasoline Fuel Purification

Turbine Series Diesel or Gasoline Fuel Filters

diesel fuel filter - gasoline fuel filter  diesel fuel filter - gasoline fuel filter
Information Needed to Quote Fuel Filters
How To Purify Fuel
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MODELS 500MA 900MA 1000MA 73/1000MA 75/500MAX 75/900MAX 75/1000MAX 77/1000MAX 79/1000MAV
Flow Rate GPH 60 90 180 360 120 180 360 540 540
Flow Rate LPH 227 341 681 1363 454 681 1363 2044 2044
Port Size 3/4"-16 7/8"-14 7/8"-14 3/4"-14 3/4"-16 7/8"-14 7/8"-14 1"-11 1/2 3/4"-14
Filter Element 2010 2040 2020 2020 2010 2040 2020 2020 2020
Height - in 11.5 17 22 22 11.5 17 22 22 22
Width - in 5.8 6 6 16.5 14.5 18.8 18.8 21.5 21.5
Depth - in 4.8 7 7 12 9.5 11 11 12 11.8
Weight - lbs 4 6 10 26 17 23 30 39 52
Delta P - PSI 0.25 0.34 0.49 1.7 0.70 1.7 3.7 1.7 2.5
with Clean Element 
Bowl H2O Cap. - ml 110 305 305 610 220 610 610 915 915
Overhead Clearance - in 4 5 10 10 4 5 10 10 10
Operating Temp -40 to +255 Degrees F

Special Notes

1. See--thru bowl MA / MAX / MAV units are approved for Diesel service only. UL Listed, USCG Accepted.

2. Metal bowl MAM / MAXM units are approved for Gasoline and Diesel service. UL Listed, USCG Accepted.



Turbine Series Fuel Filter/Water Separators have been protecting engines from water, dirt, foulants and other contaminants for over 30 years using a patented three--stage process:

1. Separation. The turbine centrifuge separates solids and ’free’ water through centrifugal action. Although the turbine has no moving parts, over 30% of the contaminants are removed here.

2. Coalescing. Smaller water droplets and solids coalesce on the specially designed conical baffle and fall to the collection bowl.

3. Filtration. Engines benefit from near 100% water separation and fuel filtration with proprietary Aquabloct water repelling media.  The units are designed for installation on the suction (vacuum) side of the fuel transfer pump for best efficiency but may be installed on the pressure side up to 15 PSI.

Filters: High-capacity Aquabloct replaceable cartridge elements stop water and remove solid contamination and are available in 2, 10 or 30micron. Boat owners can specify their filtration needs based on application, fuel quality, operating climates and maintenance schedules.  A 30 micron filter (or primary filter) is used to filter raw fuel (or poor quality fuel) before it can be further filtered by finer medias such as a 10 or 2 micron. A 10 micron filter (or secondary and even final) is used to filter fuel which is known to be of good quality. A 2 micron filter (or final filter) is the finest filtration available and is the last filter used prior to engine ingestion. A simple rule to remember is the finer the filtration, the more frequent the filter change. (Carry extra filters on board).

Collection Bowls: The see--thru bowls used with these models won’t discolor from alcohol, additives or UV light and feature NPT tapered thread plug for removing contaminants. An optional UL. Listed shut--off drain valve may be ordered to simplify servicing. For gasoline or severe service in diesel applications, specify metal bowls, only.

Options -Available for Diesel fuel systems only.

Water Probe RK21069. All units may be ordered with an in-bowl water probe to alert the operator of a high-water condition, even while the equipment is operating. The bowl is then drained of water at the earliest convenience. Note: A water detection module is needed to work with this probe. See Accessories.

Water Probe RK30880. Same features as above, except the 12 or 24 vdc electronic detection module is built-in the probe housing. Includes a detachable connector. See Accessories.

Accessories: The condition of the filter may be monitored using a vacuum restriction gauge. See the Accessories Section.


1. Consider the following: Are there any space limitations in the available location? The location should provide adequate overhead space for removing the element and underneath space for draining off contaminants from the bowl.

2. What filtration rating is needed? 2, 10 or 30 micron?

3. What options are needed? Water probe and/or a bowl shut--off drain valve?

4. Can the engine be shut down for servicing? For engine(s) that cannot be shut--down if servicing becomes necessary, specify only MAV or MAX units.


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