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Wire Rope

Compacted Rope

Compacted Rope is classified as both Cross Laid and Parallel Laid Rope depending on the product.
Compacted Rope Allows For:
Higher Breaking Loads
Better Fatigue and Wear Resistance
Lower Variation in Rope Cross Section
Less Damage to Winch Drum, Sheave, Roller or Fairlead
Select the product below to see performance charts:
6 x P-7 6 X P-S19 6 X P-Fi25
6 X P-Fi25 IWRC 6 X P-WS26 6 X P-WS26 IWRC
6 X P-WS36 6 X P-WS36 IWRC 8 X P-S19
8 X P-Fi25 19 X P-7 35 X P-7
Wire Rope Selection Assistance
Working Load Limit, Breaking Strength and Safety Factor: Choose Wire Rope

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