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Plastic Marine Piles

HDPE Marine Piles - Marine Pier Construction

10, 13, 16 Inch and Larger Diameter Piles

  Plastic Marine Piles  Plastic Marine Piles


Plastic Piles Performance Data      Color Chart      Marine Fender Camel Piles

Low lifecycle cost/long life expectancy

Ultra-low maintenance

Will not rot, corrode or decay

Impervious to marine borers

Cuts, saws and drills like timber

Low friction coefficient

Custom colors available

Unlimited lengths (subject to transport restrictions)


Structural piles

Fender Piles and Systems
Bridge Protection
Guide Walls and Locks
Corner Fenders
Navigation Markers
Wailings and Bullrails
Plastic Marine Piles Plastic Marine Piles Plastic Marine Piles Plastic Marine Piles
Plastic Marine Piles
Plastic Marine Piles
Plastic Marine Piles

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