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Navigational Aids to IALA Standards

Range Lights - Port Entry Lights - Leading Lights

LED Sector Light MEL 250L

High Resolution LED Sector Light

LED Sector Light MEL 200 L

High Resolution LED Sector Light

High Resolution LED Sector Light

LED Sector Light

MEL 250L

MEL 500L


Range: 2NM Day and 17NM Night

Range: 5NM Day and 23NM Night

Range: 3NM Day and 25NM Night




LED Leading Light Navigational Aids

Navigational Aids Port Traffic Light

Navigational Aids Port Traffic Light

LED Leading Light

Port Traffic Light

Port Traffic Light



MLP 2000-3

Range; 4NM Day and 21 NM Night

Range: 15NM , 22NM




LED Range Light Navigational Aids

Wired LED Marine Lights and Lanterns


LED Range Light

LED Sector Light




Range: 4NM Day and 21NM Night

Range: Up to 12 NM



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