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Jib Cranes

Wall Mount, Floor Mount and Ceiling Mount

MWS Series Jib Cranes MPA Series Jib Cranes
Checkerboom Tie Rod Jib Cranes

Mast Checkerboom Jib Cranes

1/2 to 5 Ton Capacity  1/4 to 5 Ton Capacity
180° rotation via hinged tie-rod bracing 360° rotation via top and bottom bearings
Up to 30 Foot Span Up to 20 Foot Span
Wall or Existing Column Mounting Mounted to Floor & Ceiling
MPT Series Jib Cranes MPQ Series Jib Cranes

Free Standing Checkerboom Jib Cranes

Free Standing Checkerboom Cantilever Jib Cranes

1/4 to 5 Ton Capacity  1/4 to 5 Ton Capacity
360° Rotation via bearings 180° rotation via hinge mounting
Up to 20 Foot Span Up to 20 Foot Span
Freestanding Column  Freestanding Column
MPS Series Jib Cranes MPBA Series Jib Cranes

Free Standing Checkerboom Tie Rod Jib Crane

Free Standing Checker Boom Articulating Jib Crane

1/4 to 5 Ton Capacity  150 to 2000 lbs. Capacity
180° Rotation Via Tie-Rod Bracing 360° Rotation Via Pivot Bushings
Up to 20 Foot Span  Up to 16 Foot Span
Hinge Mounting on Freestanding Column Floor Mounted on Freestanding Column
MCA Series Jib Cranes MWQA Series Jib Cranes

Articulating Ceiling Mounted 360° Jib Crane

Articulating Wall Mounted 200° Jib Crane

150 to 2,000 lbs. Capacity  150 to 2,000 lbs. Capacity
360° Rotation via Pivot Bushings 200° Rotation via Pivot Bushings
Up to 16 Foot Spans  Up to 16 Foot Spans
Ceiling Mounted  Wall or Existing Column Mounted
MJP Series Jib Cranes  
360° rotation via a column mounted  
spherical bearing and roller assembly   
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